Item # 12733

Super nice set of CMStP&P embossed Handlan caboose marker lamps. Each lamp is in excellent condition with no rust and all good lenses. The lamp on the left has been repainted and is missing the cast iron bracket for mounting. The lamp comes with an A&W pot and burner but fits and works in the lamp and appears to have been with the lamp for some time. The lamp on the right is complete and original with original paint and Handlan pot and burner. Super nice set, only missing a bracket to make it a top shelf pair.

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Item # 12732

MStP&SSMRR complete and matched set of adlake round top caboose marker lamps. Lamp marked Left has been repainted and is embossed on the shoulder of the lamp body MStP&SSMRR on one side and "LEFT" on the other. This lamp is in excellent condition with all 4 lenses in great condition. It is missing the pot and burner but has all other components in excellent condition. The second lamp has an embossed tag marked "MStP&SSMRR" sweated on the shoulder of the lamp and is embossed "RIGHT" in the lamp body. This lamp has original paint and all good lenses. It is also missing its font and burner but all other parts are accounted for and in working order. Its so hard to find an actual "Right and Left" pair of these lamps. Don't miss this opportunity.

PRICE: $650.00

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Item # 12731

This is a great matched set of Right and Left Adlake model 270 caboose marker lamps. Each lamp is complete with its correct 4 lenses. One lamp has an orange top with "64 Volts" painted on it. This lamp has been electrified but well done by the RR shop, not a collector's chop job. The second lamp marked "Right" is not electrified and has original pot and burner inside. Pot needs replaced but the burner is in excellent condition. Each lamp has original paint and minor rust but nothing unsightly and they just need a good cleaning, or take and completely restore to factory new. Great set at a great price which includes shipping!

PRICE: $460.00

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Item # 12730

CM&StPRy embossed on the lid of this shop built standard Milwaukee Road switch lamp. Two amber and two green lenses in excellent shape. More importantly all 4 original lens rings specific to these lamps are present and in good shape. The lamp is missing the original font and burner, but replacements are being reproduced that match the originals exactly so this lamp can be completed as desired. Super nice with great paint and not any concerning rust or repairs.

PRICE: $225.00

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Item # 12729

This standard Great Northern Railway switch lamp is in very nice original condition with great original factory paint and not a lot of rust spots, some minor ones here and there and that's it. The lamp has not been restored and could use a cleaning but not dirty to the touch. Two amber and two green lens combination with all lenses in great condition. Has embossed tag GNRY but absent is the number designation that usually is found on this style lamp. This one never had it apparently. Still very nice and complete with functioning original A&W pot, burner and Pyrex glass chimney.

PRICE: $215.00

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Item # 12728

Adlake round top standard fork mount switch lamp most commonly used in this configuration by the Northern Pacific Railway. The lamp is in excellent original condition with good paint and great lenses. 2 amber 5 3/8" and two green 5" lenses. This lamp comes with original Adlake font burner and Pyrex glass chimney intact and in working order. Such a great early lamp harder to find these days.

PRICE: $185.00

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Item # 12727

Awesome set of farm fresh Burlington Route caboose marker lamps. Excellent original paint and nice long used but cared for condition. These lamps have been electrified by the Burlington in a unique way. Each has a pot and burner inside with an electric bulb socket attached. Something the Burlington shops designed and fabricated so that newer 'wired' cabooses could use these lamps as well as some of their older wood cabooses that didn't have electrical wiring. Both lamps are marked "Left" but each is adjustable to fit either side of the caboose so only a minor issue with the markings. Each has an embossed B.R. tag at the top and excellent 6 3/8" red lens along with three 5 3/8" green lenses, all in great shape. The set can use a cleaning but other than that these are just as you like to find them.

PRICE: $530.00

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Item # 12621

Standard post mount Adlake square top switch stand lamp. This lamp is in excellent rust-free condition. Wonderful condition original porcelain red and white day targets surrounding the 4 glass lenses. Fuel font and burner have been replaced with a bulb and socket, but no extra holes drilled in the lamp as with many less professional electrification jobs. This lamp could be converted back to kerosene and remain 100% original or be enjoyed lit up indoors as is. This is a great lamp and looks super lit up at night.

PRICE: $185.00

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Item # 12345

This spectacular matched pair of engine deck class lamps came from a DT&I locomotive but they are the same and were probably provided by the Pennsylvania RR as they bear the same casting numbers in all areas. This original set is complete and appears to have had the paint restored long ago, but all correct and original sockets and fixtures remain. Each lamp is illuminated with a 15w bulb and comes wired with switches on what appears to be good wiring. Spring loaded indexing levers work well and lenses are original glass. One of the most impressive sets of class lamps we've had the pleasure of handling. Price includes shipping.

PRICE: $1,550.00

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