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Item # 12623

Handlan Buck top marked tin top bell bottom frame with big MoPAC embossed on the bell. This frame shows no pitting and a very nice dark patina. Way better condition than the average example of this frame. Just a beautiful original survivor that is untouched and unrepaired.

The globe is a clear cast corning 5 3/8" tall globe heavily embossed MP in a round end panel Corning logo and slogan SAFETY FIRST embossed on the back. Perfect condition.


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Item # 12622

This Adlake Reliable bell bottom lantern frame with a single piece top and nice bell embossing SANTA FE. Very nicely tinned top and bottom with great patina. Most of these frames are missing their original pot and burners. This one has its correct ADLAKE marked pot with patent dates in excellent original condition. Super nice frame all around.

The globe is a clear cast corning SANTA FE circle cross logo globe. The strike on this globe is remarkably heavy. We'd grade it at a strong 8.5 or 9 out of 10. Hard to find them this nice. Minor rim chipping only. Don't miss this high quality example.


PRICE: $265.00

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Item # 12617

This Adlake Reliable tall globe frame is in super condition with a nice light patina on the lid and full tinning over the rest of the lantern. Some light grey paint remains in some places but super nice, complete and original. Pot and burner are in excellent useable condition.

The globe is a clear cast corning WABASH flag logo globe very heavily struck. Super impressive logo globe here with only minor rim chipping and no other issues. Don't miss this great piece!


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Item # 12616

This Adlake model 1913 Reliable lantern marked UNION PACIFIC spelled out on the lid. Beautiful chocolate brown patina with full tinning on the bottom and wire cage. Pot and burner are in excellent condition complete with wick.

The globe is a clear cast corning UNION PACIFIC overland route logo with a nice casting. Fully defined lettering overall and only minor rim chips on this crystal clear globe. Any Union Pacific fan would be proud to have this on the shelf!


PRICE: $335.00

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Item # 12615

This Adlake model 1913 Reliable lantern marked ICRR on the lid. This frame has a dark brown patina and is in good condition overall with tinning on the bottom of the frame and wire cage. The pot in the lantern is stuck but intact and complete with wick.

The globe is a heavily struck ICRR clear cast corning globe in excellent condition all around. Nice example ready to display.


PRICE: $110.00

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Item # 12614

This Adlake model 1913 Reliable lantern is not marked with a railroad name but has great patina and a bit of old paint on the bottom of it. Fresh out of the barn storage. The pot and burner are intact and a bit stuck in the frame. Overall good condition and complete lantern.

The globe is a very nice clear cast THE D&H script logo globe with a heavy casting on the lettering. Minor rim nicks only. Super nice globe better than average.


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Item # 12613

CRI&PRR etched in large letters on this clear extended base free blown globe. The Rock Island was known for such globes and since top and bottom lips are not ground, they tended to be a little more durable than globes with ground tops and bottoms. This globe shows one minor chip on the extended base otherwise remains in perfect condition with a super nice pronounced etching. Until you find a cast globe, this is as nice as they come...


PRICE: $110.00

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Item # 12612

Unusual Adlake model 1913 Reliable frame marked C&SRR on the lid. Most of these frames are marked C&SRy. Very nice condition, clean and rust free with a ton of original tinning left. The fuel font is a replacement Adlake Model 300 in new condition.

The globe is a very nice heavy letter clear cast corning globe marked BURLINGTON ROUTE in thier trademark box logo. The Burlington Route bought out the majority of the C&S and controlled the line starting in 1908 so although not a real matched set, it is extremely possible this duo saw service together. Hard Colorado lantern to find in good condition.


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Item # 12607

CSTPM&ORY embossed on the lid of this Adlake model 1913 Reliable frame. Double wire guard and 100% original tinning on this beautiful rust free frame. Some old gold paint on retainer. The only fault found is what appears to be a repair of a hole or blemish. Original fount and burner in fine working order.

The globe is a super clear cast THE NORTHWESTERN LINE logo corning globe with Safety First cast on the reverse. Very nice fully defined cast lettering on the logo, better than average and no large chips and no other damage. Great set hard to find this nice.


PRICE: $360.00

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Item # 12573

This CM&StPRy 1895 Adams & Westlake brass top bell bottom is in uncommonly excellent condition. These lanterns were not well tinned from the factory so to find one with this amount of tinning left on it is pretty remarkable. Just a beautiful pristine and perfect frame. It has the single row of lower vent holes and correct soldered together bell. Just an unbelievably high quality frame.

The globe in this lantern is superior in every way. Cast lettering is a 10 out of 10. The color of this globe is a slightly lighter and more pleasing red than usually found. Earlier square end panel corning marked globe in mint condition with no problems. One of the more remarkable Milwaukee brass top lanterns to hit the market in quite some time.


PRICE: $330.00

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Item # 12572

AM. RY. EXP. CO. embossed on the lid of this model 1913 Adlake Reliable lantern frame. Beautiful patina untouched and never cleaned. The lantern has a great patina and is fully tinned on the bottom and wire cage. Fuel font and burner are in excellent condition and operable.

The globe is a clear unmarked corning style globe with no problems. Express lanterns are popular and very hard to find these days.


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Item # 12570

This is a nice model 1913 Adlake Reliable frame embossed CNS&MRR on the lid. Painted silver but appears to be in good rust free condition underneath. The fuel font is in good condition with the bottom having perhaps a tiny pin hole in it at worst. Nice frame.

The globe is certainly the star of the set. Corning 5 3/8" signal green globe etched CNS&MRR on the side. The etching straddles the mold line but that's the only complaint as the rims of the globe show minor nicks and there are silver paint remains on the top and bottom of the globe. Cnx marking is fully cast and there are no cracks or other damage. Super hard to find this color!


PRICE: $650.00

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Item # 12569

Handlan Buck, The Handlan model wire bottom frame that is embossed COLO. MID. RR. on the lid shoulder. This frame has been gently cleaned on its exterior and is rust free with plenty of original tinning left all over. Typical factory insert pot is in good condition and appears to have a solder repair on the bottom that appears to have been done long ago. The lantern frame itself has original patina in the font cup and under the lid that can be cleaned if desired. Pretty darn nice frame from the turn of the century era.

The globe is a clear etched CMRy extended base globe that has an unfortunate crack on the side but original and intact. This is a nice set until you can find one of the illusive cast Midland globes!


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Item # 12566

D&IRRR embossed on the lid of this model 1913 Adlake Reliable lantern. Super nice brown patina on the exterior of the lid on this frame! The bottom of the frame remains fully tinned and rust free. Under the lid appears some roughness from corrosion and original globe retainer although perfectly functioning, could be replaced if desired. Fuel font and burner in excellent working order.

The globe in this frame is such a star. Super heavy casting D&IRRR in a round end panel of a corning globe. Crystal clear and near perfect. Way better than average globe. These cast globes are very hard to find, don't miss this opportunity.


PRICE: $440.00

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Item # 12456

Some good history from the Iron Range here. D&IRRR marked on the lid of this Adlake model 1913 Reliable frame. Nice brown patina covers the lid, on this frame. Signs of light pitting underneath but to clean this would be a crime against history. Of note is the lower wire ring that seems to have sat in a puddle of water which spared the rest of the frame from decay. It's take some pretty heavy corrosion but is intact and doesn't detract from the rest of the presentation. The rest of the frame shows good virgin tinning and a dry surface that is devoid of any collector's tinkering. Just a time capsule of history in this piece.

The globe in the lantern is a hard to find marked Iron Range globe. Clear etched D&IRRR to match the frame. It has the usual small chipping but no damage and it is crystal clear. When collectors look for untouched specimens of history, this is what they look for.


PRICE: $175.00

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Item # 12381

Beautiful Handlan round top tall globe frame marked in large letters SA&AP on the lid. This Texas line is difficult to find any hardware from, let alone a lantern with such great tinning. This frame remains nearly 80% tinned and in excellent original condition. The font may not be factory original but appears to have been with the frame for a long while as it matches perfectly.

The globe is a red original Corning globe with hallmark. Although it appears a collector has added the SA&AP marking to the globe, this is a very attractive lantern and if you are fortunate enough to have an original marked globe, this would be the perfect compliment.


PRICE: $425.00

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Item # 12334

1909 Adams wire bottom marked OSL on the lid. This frame is way above average in condition with much of the tinning remaining under the lid and through the waste area of the lantern. All complete with original components. Super nice.

The globe is a heavily struck clear cast corning style globe marked OSL in a round end panel. Cnx marking on the back. Just a beautiful eye catching set.


PRICE: $240.00

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