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Item # 11961

RUTLAND RR. spelled out in all capital lettering on this red cast extended base globe. An unbelievably hard globe to find in this variation with large lettering. Nice strong cast in a rectangular panel. No makers marks and only light rim chipping on this beautiful example. Don't miss this opportunity to complete your Rutland spelled out bell bottom frame with the perfect match.

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Item # 11960

Superb quality lantern in this Northern Pacific Armspear tall globe lantern. The frame is a 1913 patent frame in outstanding original condition. Cleaned but has a nice medium patina on it, no rust and very smooth. This is a way above average frame in condition. It has the harder to find twist off font cup that also has a removable and drop in font in it. This transition design is pretty hard to find examples from and this one is certainly one of the better ones. The globe in this lantern matches the quality of the frame. Super strong NPRR cast lettering on this corning style globe with rectangular panel.
If you've waited for a quality NP lantern to come up for sale, this is the one.

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Item # 11959

S&IERR on the lid of this 1909 Adlake round wire lantern frame. Plenty of tinning and some minimal rust in the waste area on this lantern. Nice overall surface condition with no pitting. The lid latch is jacked up, an easy replacement but it holds the lid fine as is. Other than that its super nice. The globe is a red unmarked corning style globe in very nice condition. Harder to find quality lantern from an Inland Empire electric line.

PRICE: $235.00

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Item # 11955

Queen of the shortlines. This extremely rare 1908 Adams & Westlake ADAMS model is marked V&TRy on the lid and is in pristine condition. Plenty of tinning under the lid and on the lower waste area and cage. There are absolutely no issues with the frame at all. The globe is an original corning style clear globe marked V&TRy in large lettering across the middle. The globe has an unfortunate chunk that has been glued back in place but surprisingly does not affect the display position as it is on the side of the base and is hard to see when the etching is facing forward. Just an outstanding western relic from one of the most desirable roads in the Old West.

PRICE: $2,400.00

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Item # 11954

C&ORY on the lid of this 1913 patent Armspear lantern. The frame has been cleaned with an abrasive blast which removed all signs of rust or corrosion that may have been present. It has a nice even color and has no repairs. The frame's cage could stand a tightening up at a few solder joints but overall is nice and complete with original pot and burner in excellent shape. The globe in the lantern is just a beautiful early serif C&ORy extended base globe. No Cnx marking on it and only minor rim nicks. One of the strongest cast C&O globes we've ever seen. Great addition to the collection.

PRICE: $195.00

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Item # 11953

Triple marked CRI&P lantern! This A&W model 1882 brass top bell bottom lantern is marked on the lid, bell and globe. Large letters CRI&PRR on the lid and bell. This frame is very nice with only light surface rust and never cleaned. Double wire guards show tinning and under lid is the only area with some moderate rust that can be cleaned easily if desired. The brass cap has one sag ding in the side as seen in photos. Globe is a very nice hand blown wheel cut CRI&P globe with some minor chips on the extended base. Hard to find one this farm fresh these days.

PRICE: $2,800.00

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Item # 11952

SPCo embossed on the lid of this Adams & Westlake model 1882 brass top bell bottom lantern. This frame has a dark sun baked patina overall with some very light pitting in spots, mostly on the bell. 6" double wire guard frame is in excellent overall condition with A&W name and 82 patent dates stamped on the bottom. The globe in this lantern is a clear etched Macbeth globe etched SPCo in large letters. First Macbeth SP globe we've seen and it has only minor rim nicks. It can't be overstated how difficult to find these SP brass tops are. With less than 15 known to exist in collections today. Don't miss this opportunity to add a great piece of western railroad history to your top shelf.

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Item # 11936

SPCo embossed on the lid of this Adlake model 1913 Reliable lantern. Super nice condition with original patina and tinning. Handle is wrapped with old tape for better grip. Very minor spots of surface rust in isolated places, otherwise a perfect frame for this beautiful set. The globe is just as nice or nicer. The globe is a superior example of the red cast corning style globe marked in super bold lettering SPCo in a round end panel. The cast is a 10 out of 10 for lettering and it only has minor rim chipping from use. Beautiful deep red color, a great set.

PRICE: $200.00

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Item # 11935

AT&SFRY embossed on the bell of this Adlake model 1913 Reliable. Specifically created for the Santa Fe without the Adlake name and patent info on the top of the lantern. The frame is beautiful with only some rust on the globe retainer inside and all original tinning on the lower half of the lantern. Original special marked pot with name and patent information on it in excellent condition. The globe is a red cast corning globe marked AT&SFRY in a round end panel. The cast is a touch light but fully defined and only hard to photograph, not hard to see. Harder to find set ready to display.

PRICE: $465.00

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Item # 11906

NPRR in large letters on the lid of this Adams & Westlake model 1897 wire bottom frame. It appears to have been cleaned some time ago and the frame shows light uniform pitting overall but is solid and unrepaired and completely original. The twist off pot is fully functional. Light surface rust in spots but easily cleaned up if desired.
The globe in this lantern is a beautiful early serif lettered cast extended base globe marked NPRR in a rectangular panel. Great strike on the letters and nearly flawless condition with minor rim chips only. Beautiful 1890's vintage lantern.

PRICE: $395.00

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Item # 11362

CM&StPRy embossed on the lid of this Adlake model 1913 Reliable lantern frame. The frame remains as found with a minimum of cleaning, just enough to keep your hands clean when handling this time capsule of history. The lid retains its original dark patina from years of use but has no rust as a testament to the care in preserving it. the bottom of the lantern has 100% of its original tinning intact and is rust and dent free. Fuel font is in perfect working order. The burner is from an Adlake model 250 but fits and works great. The globe in this lantern has an exceptionally heavy cast railroad marking CM&StPRy in a round end panel. Minor chips on the rims is all that can be found on this crystal clear specimen. Just a beautiful early lantern in untouched condition.

PRICE: $135.00

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Item # 11620

O.S.L. in large letters on the lid of this model 1897 Adams & Westlake ADAMS frame. Any pre-1900 OSL lantern is difficult to find these days and this frame is hard to beat. Some very minor pitting in some isolated spots but overall this frame shows smooth metal and tinning over virtually the entire surface. The twist off font looks to be from an early R.E. Dietz frame but fits and fills the spot until the appropriate A&W model can be obtained. A gorgeous uncompromised frame in excellent condition.

The globe in this lantern is a clear cast extended base style marked OSL in big fat letters. Very few of these globes exist in any condition. The only thing keeping this globe from being unbelievable is the impact cracks emanating from the top rim on opposite the lettering. The globe displays very nicely and again, fills the spot until an upgrade can be obtained.

Any OSL extended base frame or globe is hard to come by and this set certainly has the potential to be a top shelf addition.

PRICE: $790.00

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Item # 11404

Just a gorgeous C.T. Ham Empire tubular track inspectors lantern from the turn of the century. This lantern is just about perfect condition with about 75% original tinning left, no rust, pitting, repairs, holes anything. Its just a beautiful example and fully functional with all original components.

The globe is a Rayo #0 Hot Blast clear cast globe in beautiful condition with only minor rim nicks. Super lantern.


PRICE: 165.00

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