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Item # 12259

Classic Santa Fe A&W 1913 Reliable bell bottom lantern frame in as-found untouched condition and ready to display. The frame has a nice brown patina with no rust pitting on the lid and typical of these frames, fully tinned on the lower part. The lantern comes with its original Adlake branded and patent dated pot and burner in excellent working order.

The globe is a very nicely struck red cast circle cross logo globe with Cnx trademark on the back and only minor rim chipping. These red cast globes are getting really hard to find this nice these days.


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Item # 12258

SANTA FE large lettering on the lid of this pre-1895 model A&W wire bottom frame. Also stamped "A" on the lid for Albuquerque Division. The frame has a uniform dark patina from spending more than 100 years in the Arizona desert. Fresh from the Southwest to your collection. The twist off font and burner are original and in good working order. Nice straight frame.

The globe is a harder to find clear cast extended base circle cross logo globe with a nice strike and only minor rim chipping to note. Just a great early pre-1900 Santa Fe lantern.


PRICE: $465.00

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Item # 12257

UNION PACIFIC spelled out on the lid of this A&W model 1897 Adams frame with drop in font. Unbelievably nice patina overall with about 50% of the tinning remaining. Uncleaned and untouched, just a super survivor in this condition. All original parts and no repairs.

The globe is just as spectacular. Clear cast overland logo that is bold and beautiful. We'll rate this strike as about an 8 out of 10 with all details fully defined. Hard to find this nice.


PRICE: $485.00

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Item # 12256

All original Adams & Westlake model 1897 beehive top wire bottom frame with twist off font. This frame has a really nice patina. Very light uniform pitting on the lid under what appears to be an old clear coat finish. Some orange-ish staining underneath which looks rusty but there's no pitting so could be discolored coating. The lantern is solid and nice with all original parts and no repairs. Twist off font is in excellent condition.

The globe is a nice older serif letter example marked NYNH&HRR in a rectangular panel. Beautiful cast and nothing but small rim chips. Crystal clear. Hard to find this nice.


PRICE: $245.00

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Item # 12255

A&W model 1909 "ADAMS" frame marked OWRR&NCo on the lid. The OWR&N 09 Adams model is not only one of the earliest from the road, but is also one of the hardest to find. 95 out of 100 of all OWRR&N lanterns are Model 1913 reliables which makes this one all the better given its nearly mint condition 90+% original tinning left on this frame with no repairs or problems. Original fount and burner complete this frame and make it one of the finest examples known.

This 5 3/8" cast globe has large letters OWRR&NCo cast in a square end panel and match the rarity of this frame. Super nice strike on the lettering and only minor rim nicks. It'll be a while before another one this nice comes up for sale.


PRICE: $335.00

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Item # 12254

Turn of the century Handlan round top frame marked MK&TRR on the lid. This frame shows about 75% bright original tinning with some very light pitting on areas missing the tin. Clean and bright with no repairs, original fuel font, cup and burner, makes a great match to this stellar globe.

The red cast MK&TRy globe has Safety First cast around the back and is in wonderful condition. It can't be overstated how hard these globes are to find in red and this one is one of the best examples we've seen in a very long time. Don't miss the opportunity on this set.


PRICE: $550.00

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Item # 12253

Large letters UNION PACIFIC on the lid of this A&W model 1897 Adams frame. No rust, pitting, repairs or dings in this large insert style 97 Adams. The bottom is almost fully tinned and the top has a nice medium patina. Super nice condition, way better than average.

The globe is an outstanding big box logo style cast UNION over PACIFIC in bold lettering. The globe is the pre-1909 style corning with the patents cast at the top rim. Flawless condition and just a spectacular example.


PRICE: $495.00

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Item # 12252

Adams & Westlake model 1897 Adams frame in nice condition with no rust and plenty of tinning left. This lantern has been cleaned and is in display condition with no repairs. The twist off fuel font on this fame comes from an Armspear lantern of similar age and is a nice fit with a couple of microscopic pin holes seen only when holding up to a bright light.

The globe in this set steals the show as it is a signal green etched extended base globe marked "BUR ROUTE" instead of the box logo that is more commonly seen. The globe has no flaws and is in beautiful condition. Very hard to find with only a few examples in this color known in collections today.


PRICE: $650.00

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Item # 12251

SP in large serif letters on the lid of this 1909 Adams model wire bottom frame. No pitting or rust problems and about 30% overall tinning coverage still on the lantern. Bail lock still functioning and not broken which is uncommon for this model. Original pot and burner in excellent condition, overall very nice above average quality frame.

The globe is an amber 5 3/8" corning style globe etched SPCo in large letters. Cnx marking on the back, minor nicks on the rims but beautiful medium amber color just makes this lantern very appealing to the eye.


PRICE: $450.00

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Item # 12250

One of the more unique models from Adams & Westlake in 1909 was this Adams brass top wire bottom frame made for the B&ORR. Embossed B&ORR and LOCO on the lid, this frame is one of the best condition examples we've had the opportunity to offer. No rust or pitting and plenty of tin in protected areas left. Comes with original pot and burner and has no repairs, dents or dings.

The red cast double ring logo globe is about as bold as they come. Also cast LOCO on the reverse. Most of these were etched LOCO if marked at all. There is some chipping at the bottom rim that does not show when in the lantern frame. This set is destined to attract a lot of attention so don't miss the opportunity.


PRICE: $475.00

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Item # 12249

Top quality Adlake model 1913 Reliable. This frame has almost all of its original tin left and no rust or repairs. Just beautiful condition inside and out.

The globe is a boldly cast Northwestern Line logo with the CStPM&O Ry cast below in a panel. These globes don't get much nicer that this one, equal in quality to the frame. Just overall a top shelf quality lantern waiting to be enjoyed.


PRICE: $365.00

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Item # 12248

Single piece lid Adlake model 1913 Reliable frame in nice condition, with a little tin and no pitting left on the lid, full tinning on the base and wire guards. The frame appears to have been electrified with a solder repaired hole in the bottom, but the fuel font is the correct original font with patent dates on it. Font has rust and a couple of small pin holes in the bottom.

The globe is a nicely cast Santa Fe circle cross logo globe in excellent condition with Cnx trademark logo and the #2 cast at the top on the back. Minor rim nicks. Nice display piece.


PRICE: $275.00

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Item # 12171

Clean bright tin shines on most all of the outer surfaces of this Adlake model 1913 single piece lid Reliable frame. Nicely embossed NYNH&HRR on the top, the frame is hard to beat for condition. Comes with Adlake model 300 font and burner as found and appear to have been together for quite some time. The globe is a heavily struck red cast corning style globe with round end panel surrounding the lettering with no damage. This is a very nice eye catching set.

PRICE: $175.00

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Item # 12169

This turn of the century Handlan round top tall globe is embossed D&RGRR in larger letters on the lid. One of the nicest untouched examples of this frame we've had in a very long time. The frame appears fully tinned under a dark patina as if straight out of a depot attic or telegraphers office. Original font and burner are nicely tinned with some light surface rust. The globe is a clear unmarked extended base style globe that fits and looks great. Hard to beat the condition on this piece of Narrow Gauge history.

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Item # 12168

Adlake model 1913 single piece lid Reliable lantern frame embossed WPRR on the lid. This lantern has an uncleaned dark patina that shows what would probably be light uniform pitting on the lid underneath a fairly smooth finish. The bottom of the lantern is a mix of tinning and bare metal. The lantern is unrepaired and very straight and comes with an Adlake model 300 font and burner that is fully functional. The globe is a clear unmarked corning style globe in excellent original condition.

PRICE: $120.00

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Item # 12044

NPRY on the lid of this 1913 patent Armspear tall globe frame. Some light cleaning might make this frame really shine, but it is perfectly acceptable with light brown patina and signs of tinning on the bottom and drop pot. Overall nice condition complete and original with no repairs. Pot strap carries the original Armspear patent date of 1913 along with original Armspear burner. All in fully functional condition. The globe is a nicely cast NPRR corning globe with round end panels and the SAFETY ALWAYS slogan cast on the reverse. No issues, just a nice set ready for the train room display.

PRICE: $135.00

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Item # 11362

CM&StPRy embossed on the lid of this Adlake model 1913 Reliable lantern frame. The frame remains as found with a minimum of cleaning, just enough to keep your hands clean when handling this time capsule of history. The lid retains its original dark patina from years of use but has no rust as a testament to the care in preserving it. the bottom of the lantern has 100% of its original tinning intact and is rust and dent free. Fuel font is in perfect working order. The burner is from an Adlake model 250 but fits and works great. The globe in this lantern has an exceptionally heavy cast railroad marking CM&StPRy in a round end panel. Minor chips on the rims is all that can be found on this crystal clear specimen. Just a beautiful early lantern in untouched condition.

PRICE: $135.00

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Item # 11620

O.S.L. in large letters on the lid of this model 1897 Adams & Westlake ADAMS frame. Any pre-1900 OSL lantern is difficult to find these days and this frame is hard to beat. Some very minor pitting in some isolated spots but overall this frame shows smooth metal and tinning over virtually the entire surface. The twist off font looks to be from an early R.E. Dietz frame but fits and fills the spot until the appropriate A&W model can be obtained. A gorgeous uncompromised frame in excellent condition.

The globe in this lantern is a clear cast extended base style marked OSL in big fat letters. Very few of these globes exist in any condition. The only thing keeping this globe from being unbelievable is the impact cracks emanating from the top rim on opposite the lettering. The globe displays very nicely and again, fills the spot until an upgrade can be obtained.

Any OSL extended base frame or globe is hard to come by and this set certainly has the potential to be a top shelf addition.

PRICE: $790.00

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