Item # 12030

American Locomotive Works oval Herriman class plate from Southern Pacific 0-6-0 #1119. This class S-7 locomotive plate is in just gorgeous condition with no flaws and ready to display. Never cleaned or messed with, just a beautiful pristine example, the way they should be found and left.

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Item # 11946

Locomotive equipment trust plate from the Northern Pacific. This plate is in near perfect original condition with all original paint, never retouched. No hole break out and no repairs. Excellent in every way.

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Item # 11945

Bronze cast water plate from a GN DE 18 diesel locomotive. The plate measures 6 1/4" x 2 1/4" and is in fine shape. Has a grind mark on the back that created a small rectangular hole through the front. Otherwise great condition and not a lot of these around.

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Item # 11941

This Pre-1900 Porter builders plate comes from Redding, California mining company Mountain Mines Ltd. and this particular locomotive wire the #4. An 0-4-0T design. The locomotive was also designated the "Sir Robert" Beautiful original condition and no damage, it remains uncleaned.

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Item # 11940

This Lima Locomotive and Machine Co. builders plate comes from a well traveled 2 truck shay, a veteran of the Oregon forests. Originally produced for Chapman Timber Co. as their #2, it proceeded to travel the woods of Northwest Oregon finally being dismantled after service with the Robert Dollar Lumber Co. The plate has enlarged mounting holes from apparent torch removal and remains uncleaned front and back. Super hard to find and the last variation of the round plate before Lima changed to the larger rectangle design.

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Item # 11938

Recovered treasures from railroading's past in the American West. This 1880's vintage set of one link and pin represents a window into the era of railroading in the wild American West. Both link and pin are in original unearthed condition never cleaned but still in presentable condition. The link is remarkable that it is not broken as most of the discarded examples found are. No markings can be found on it that we can see. The pin however is very much identifiable both by its distinctive form but also because it is deeply stamped U.P.R.W. the original marking for Union Pacific Railway. The pin is straight and shows no unusual damage. What a wonderful set and representation of the primitive and rugged era in American western history.

PRICE: $200.00

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Item # 11873

Falling behind on that New Years resolution to get out and exercise? Want to ride the rails? Why not combine the two in one convenient package! This velocipede is completely unrestored and has remained in as-used condition showing some paint loss on the seat and paint wear around the trunk box and moving components. Setting aside that the outrigger was assembled with the wheel flange to the outside, all the components are present and accounted for with the loose hardware being for items disassembled for easier storage. Original wood spoked wheels and metal flanged tires in excellent condition. Geared mechanism functions and is complete. With the possible exception of the wood connecting rods that would need to be replaced to allow reliable operation, this remarkable piece of 19th century motive power is as excellent of original condition as can be found today. A true survivor and historic artifact of western Railroad hardware. Since these typically didn't travel far from their area of use, one can assume this was used on one of the Northwest roads. Dimensions are 39 1/2" Tall, 77 1/2" Long, 14"x 16" seat, and trunk box is 14" x 22" in length. Would suggest local pick-up be arranged however it can be delivered at cost anywhere on the west coast, or shipped at cost if desired.

PRICE: $4,000.00

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Item # 11837

M-K-T RR Co. Agent Atoka, OKLA. impressed on this round brass agent wax sealer. Nice original wood handle in excellent used condition. All around nice sealer and very hard to find from the Katy.

PRICE: $410.00

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